Why am I lactose intolerant?

With the advance of the years, medicine and its role in society, we have all been much more aware of our health. Events and conditions that were previously unexplained have even become common, however, the more accurate information the better.

Today we want to touch on lactose intolerance, which is a condition that affects an estimated 80% of the world’s population, to a lesser or greater degree. Lactose is the sugar component found in milk, and intolerance results from the intestine’s inability to digest and process that sugar.

Keep reading and find out how to know if you are, in fact, lactose intolerant


Symptoms of lactose intolerance


You should be alert to the possibility of being intolerant if after ingesting milk or lactose you experience the following:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Gases
  • Diarrhea

Being lactose intolerant is not a problem that poses a serious threat to health, outside of the symptoms mentioned above. However, it is a condition to pay attention to so that it does not affect your lifestyle and cause you discomfort because milk is in many places. It is important to note that the severity of the symptoms varies with the patient, as many people react to the smallest amount of milk, while others do need to be in closer contact.


How do I know if I am lactose intolerant?


medmesafe has a test specially designed to examine the state of your LCT, which corresponds to your ability to digest products with lactose. The test is carried out through a blood sample, which can be taken without having to fast, and from which you will have results after 15 days.

To support you in your treatment of this condition, we have this voucher with which you will get the test cheaper than in any laboratory.


Why am I lactose intolerant?


As we have already mentioned, the LCT and the enzyme of the protein lactose, to a small extent in your body, is the cause of your intolerance. It occurs to a greater extent after puberty and adolescence and can worsen with age.

It is possible to experience transient or temporary intolerance when it comes to conditions or abnormalities in the intestinal system. Lack of mucosa, parasites, gastroenteritis or colitis, to name a few.


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