Will my baby be healthy?

Will my baby be healthy? The key to a Peaceful Prenatal Stage  – You are in the sweet wait, a sacred moment in which the life that you will bring to the world is being formed, to be healthy, complete and happy, and it is normal that these 9 months are threatened with bitterness, because the wait despair.

Your doctor says something, but then your mother, your aunt, a cousin and his co-worker intervene and you find yourself overwhelmed with information that comes from experiences that are not your own and this is not what you should be thinking about. You have to continue feeling like what every pregnant woman is: a wonder.

We are not saying that the normal thing is to just assume that everything will be fine and that’s it, we are presenting you with the possibility of confirming that your baby on board is healthy, so that you can relax and continue asking for all the cravings you have, free pass to eat .

Will my baby be healthy? A question that you can answer and especially in the early and crucial stages of your pregnancy.

In this article we tell you:

  • Timeline of Advances in Prenatal Tests: They no longer hurt or risk.
  • Harmony Prenatal Testing, the peace you deserve.
Alicia Prestec

Timeline of Advances in Prenatal Tests: They no longer hurt or risk.


Anxiety and uncertainty have existed in pregnant women from generations and generations back to today, we insist: it is inevitable, but thanks to today’s bioscience, it has a solution

Ultrasounds began to be practiced in 1957 and from 11 weeks they can show you the fetus and from the way it develops, from that stage, Down Syndrome can be ruled out or not.

Amniocentesis was first described in 1966. It consists of inserting a needle through the mother’s skin to absorb the fluid that surrounds the fetus and subsequently study it and track abnormalities. 1 in 300 women suffers an abortion through this procedure and you know as well as we do that this risk is already too high

Cell-free fetal DNA tests came into circulation in 1997, and detect abnormalities on chromosome 21 and 18 only, after looking for your baby’s DNA in your blood. Pregnant women considered “at risk” are those to whom doctors usually recommend taking this alternative.

Fortunately, from medmesafe we ​​bring you a solution for today’s pregnancy, according to the bio-science that exists today

Harmony Pre Natal Testing, the peace you deserve


Harmony is a prenatal method that is applied from week 10 of pregnancy and that analyzes chromosomes 18, 13 and 21, being the mos informative and responding to the status of the most vital conditions that the fetus can harbor: Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau syndrome and Turner syndrome, which are all conditions that condition the experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

It stands out for being non-invasive, it is summarized in analyzing the mother’s blood, fetal cells and ruling out problems. It has a 97% certainty and the results are obtained in 3 to 5 business days after having the sample.

Medmesafe offers Harmony tests at the best market price, we have more than 150 associated laboratories in Madrid where you can take the test and also, if you wish, we can arreange for you a free consultation, after obtaining your results, for its explanation , by the hand of a specialized geneticist.

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