Win the race against cardiovascular risk

Win the race against cardiovascular risk!  We are proud to say that we are your allies in the mission of improving your health and your lifestyle. We know that you are the type of person who anticipates and takes pains to plan next summer’s vacations, save to buy that new car and measure your next moves.

You know very well that to be sure of those special days that you are visualizing, you need more than money, the dates or the reserved accommodation, you need to be in good health. If you are not healthy, you will not be able to enjoy anything and your days will be trivialized by illness. Instead of waiting for the time to go to the beach, you will wait for the time to take the third pill of the day.

Imagine not being able to eat that delicious plate of food, or open that bottle that you have been waiting for a long time.

We do not want that and to make sure you can enjoy yourself without limits, we have written this post, to arm you with what you need in the battle against one of the most silent but harmful enemies of good health: cardiovascular risk.
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What is Cardiovascular Risk?

It refers to the degree of probability of suffering some disease in the cardiac system and in the blood circulation, which, as we know, are extremely dangerous and deadly, we are talking about heart attacks, hypertension, angina pectoris, insufficiencies and unevenness with the cholesterol.

The risk factors are divided into non-modifiable: age, sex, race and family history and modifiable: Weight, Cholesterol, alcohol and substance abuse, sedentary lifestyle and stress

In this sense, we have compiled a series of recommendations so that you avoid and reduce the risk of suffering any of these events.


Habits to reduce cardiovascular risk

Move on! Avoid a sedentary lifestyle at all costs: Exercising is crucial to keep cardiovascular risk at bay.

Food always: You need to stay at the right weight for your sex, height and build. You don’t have to cut out sugar, fat, and oil altogether, but you do need to cut back when the time is right. That rich ribeye will taste even better when it has been made to wait.

Also remember to reduce the copiousness of your dishes. Consume what is necessary to satisfy you and do not look for a feeling of extreme fullness and stomach swelling.

Quit tobacco and alcohol: It is beneficial for everything to get away from vices such as drinking and smoking, even more so with cardiovascular issues. It doesn’t do your systems any good to ingest all that nicotine or all that alcohol, and it’s understandable that from time to time social situations seem to leave you with no choice, at least make an effort to do it less and less.



Cardiovascular Risk Test


At medmesafe we ​​have the Liposcale, a cardiovascular risk test that we include in the habits that you should start acquiring. It starts with the information, which will give you the tools to anticipate and know how close you are or not to suffering cardiovascular damage, and take action on the matter.

It is also a good reference to take to your doctor when you go for a consultation. In that sense, we have discounted the price of the test to bring it closer to you:



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