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Genetic counseling

elige tu test genético

What do we offer?

  • icono de asesoramiento facultativo Clarification of your doubts- The study of the personal and familial genetic lineage as well as clarification of any questions or concerns.
  • icono de asesoramiento facultativo Counselling: By an expert in genetics*
  • icono de tiempoDuration: 30 minutes
  • 50
  • *Only available in Spanish

elige tu test genético

Why should you request this service?

What is the purpose of this genetic counseling service?

  • To answer any questions about you and your family’s genetic profile.

  • To carry out the most suitable analysis, if recommended by the physician.

  • To aid in a better understanding of the results of the genetic analysis.

  • To have a leading genetics expert evaluate you and your family’s and personal medical history.

Should you do it?

  • You have a family history of hereditary conditions (hereditary cancer, cardiac disorders or neuropathy) or genetic conditions (chromosome abnormalities, congenital disorders).

  • You suspect a genetic origin of your pain.

  • A pathological mutation of a genetic disease was detected in a family-member and you would like to know if you could be impacted.

  • You are a genetic carrier of an inherited recessive allele and want to know the chances of having a child with the disease.

  • You are pregnant and need genetic counseling of potential fetal risks.

  • You present unexplained infertility or repetitive pregnancy losses.

  • You present a certain degree of consanguinity with your partner and wish to conceive a healthy child.

  • You are in doubt about a diagnosis and would like to receive a second medical opinion.

  • You want to know about genetic testing and the results of a personalized genetic risk assessment study for prevalent diseases (cancer, cardiac conditions…).

  • If any genetic counseling from an expert is desired in any aspect that concerns your own or your family’s health.

How does it work?

  1. elige tu test genético
    After purchase, you will be assigned a Geneticist
  2. elige tu test genético
    Schedule your appointment
  3. instrucciones de uso
    Have the virtual consultation from the comfort of your own home.
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additional information

  • I am still having difficulty scheduling my consultation
    • How to contact your genetecist In four simple steps

      • Sign up for the platform
      • Login
      • Click “Genetic Counseling” in the top right corner of the page
      • Then, click on “Purchase”
      • Complete the transaction directly through the platform
    • From this moment,

      • You will have access to your homepage. This is where you can make an appointment with the specialist of your choice according to their availability.
      • You will have access to the video consultation by logging into your account at your scheduled appointment time.To perform the video consultation, click on "access to the video consultation”.". No plug-ins are required, nor will you be asked to install any additional applications.
      • During the video consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss any questions and/or concerns you may have with your geneticist.
      • The geneticist will recommend the most suitable plan of action for your circumstance, and if medically necessary a prescription will be provided through the platform, along with information about the process.

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