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Paternity Test

This DNA test provides you with the definitive answer to your doubts, uncover your familial truth with certainty, trust, and privacy

DNA genetic analysis that provides definitive answers about the biological relationship between an alleged parent and child through the comparison of their genetic profiles. It includes sample collection, laboratory analysis, and a detailed report.

Paternity Test

Price: 295.00€

Price with discount: 250,00€

Service Description:

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25 genetic markers are studied and compared.

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The result report calculates the probability of paternity or filiation, which can reach a 99.99% level of accuracy.

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Results are available within 10 business days from the receipt of the sample at the laboratory.

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It is conducted through a blood sample from both participants, without the need to fast.

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What is a paternity test?

    A paternity test is a genetic analysis used to determine the biological relationship between an alleged father or mother and a child by comparing their genetic profiles. This test is highly accurate and is conducted in specialized laboratories.
    The paternity test uses 25 polymorphic genetic markers validated by the STADNAP (Standardization of DNA profiling techniques in the European Union) and recommended by the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG). The comparison of the two profiles will determine the likelihood of paternity or filiation by calculating the probability, which can reach up to 99.99% certainty.

What is it useful for?

    A paternity test serves various purposes and can be helpful in different situations. Some of its most common uses include:
    Confirmation of Paternity: A paternity test provides a definitive answer regarding the biological relationship between a father and a child. This can be important for establishing family ties, custody rights, or inheritance. Peace of Mind and Clarity: If you have doubts or suspicions about your paternity, undergoing a test can provide you with the peace of mind and clarity you need. By knowing the results, you can make informed decisions and face any situation with greater confidence.

Who should take it?

    A paternity test can be taken by anyone seeking answers about their biological relationship with an alleged father or child. Some common cases include:
    Parents with Doubts: If you have doubts about your paternity or maternity, a paternity test will provide you with a definitive answer and allow you to make informed decisions. Children and Adolescents: Children who wish to confirm their biological paternity or establish family ties can undergo a paternity test with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

When is it advisable to take this test?

    A paternity test can be advised at any age in various situations, such as:
    Doubts about Paternity: If you have suspicions or doubts about your paternity or maternity, a paternity test provides you with definitive answers and helps you make informed decisions. Establishing Family Ties: If you want to establish or confirm family ties, a paternity test can help you find answers and strengthen family bonds.

What does this test include?

    Our comprehensive Paternity Test offers several important components to obtain precise and reliable results. These include: Blood Sample Collection: In over 100 of our extraction centers throughout Spain, blood samples are taken from the alleged parents and children. This procedure is quick, safe, and carried out by trained professionals.
    Advanced Genetic Analysis: The blood samples are sent to our specialized laboratories, where advanced genetic analysis is performed. The DNA present in the samples is examined to determine the probability of paternity with maximum accuracy.
    Detailed Result Report: Once the analysis is completed, you will be able to download the detailed report that provides the results of the Paternity Test. The report concludes whether there is an exclusion of paternity or filiation, or calculates the probability of paternity or filiation, which can reach up to 99.99% certainty.
    Additionally, as part of our service, it includes access to our secure web platform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Through this platform, you can download your result reports and request any additional tests you may need at a discounted price, without the need for an appointment, providing you with convenience and easy access at any time.
    The Paternity Test is a comprehensive and professional process that guarantees reliable results and clear answers regarding the biological relationship between an alleged father and a child.

Is this test legally valid?

    A legally valid paternity test is one that can be presented as evidence in a court of law. It is essential to ensure a rigorous process from sample collection to analysis. Unlike informational paternity tests, in these cases, certain requirements must be met, such as the presence of an expert during sample collection and the presentation of identification documents, a family book in the case of minors, for the test to be legally accepted. It is necessary to schedule an appointment in advance for sample collection. This ensures the validity and legality of the process within a judicial context.
    Our paternity test has the same reliability and over 99% accuracy as a legal test. However, it is an informational test, meaning it is for private use and does not require the protocol or documentation of a legal test.

How the test works

  1. elige tu test genético
    Purchase your service online with a discount to get a voucher.
  2. frotis bucal para análisis
    Go to an extraction centre with your voucher.
  3. instrucciones de uso
    One of our partner labs makes the analysis.
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    You receive the results by email.

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