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Non Invasive Prenatal Test

Detects from week 10, Down, Edwards, Patau, Turner syndromes, and even the baby's future sex. With 99% accuracy.

The Non-Invasive Prenatal Test is an advanced pregnancy test that detects Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome, Turner syndrome, and the baby's gender with 99% accuracy. It is performed using a blood sample from the mother starting from week 10 of pregnancy, posing no risk to the fetus or the mother. Results are available within 6 business days and do not require a medical prescription. You can visit any of our 150+ collaborating centers without fasting and receive free genetic counseling to interpret the results.

Non Invasive Prenatal Test

Price: 495,00€

Price with discount: 460,00€

Service Description:

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Detection of Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18), Patau syndrome (trisomy 13) and Turner syndrome (Monosomy X). You will have the option of knowing the sex of the future baby if you wish.

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The test is carried out through a blood sample from the mother from the 10th week of pregnancy, so it does not represent any risk for the fetus or the mother.

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Results available in 6 business days since obtaining the sample in the laboratory. Official results. No prior medical prescription is required.

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You can go to any of our more than 150 associated centers without having to fast. Open from Monday to Friday, (to know the opening hours of each center, please click below and select the city).

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Receive a genetic counseling appointment for the explanation of your results, at no additional cost. (This service is optional).

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  • Sample of blood drawn at an extraction center.
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Types of Non-Invasive Prenatal Test and what each one measures

Below you can see what each test modality analyzes, and below this table more details

Prenatal Test Prenatal Test Plus
Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome)
Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome)
Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)
Rest of autosomal aneuploidies (monosomies and trisomies of chromosomes 1 to 22) X
Sex chromosome aneuploidies (X0, XXY, XXX, and XYY)
Deletions and duplications (≥7MB) X
Fetal sex determination.
Time of results (business days): 6 6
Genetic consultation:
Price at center €: 495,00 720,00
Medmesafe price €: 460,00 590,00
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Our partner labs, nationally and internationally certified

Imegen Health Code
Quiron Salud

We put at your disposal more than 150 extraction points, the largest network in Spain.

What is the purpose of this analysis?

  • It allows you to detect the presence of genetic markers in the fetus of Down, Edwards, and Patau syndromes at an early stage of pregnancy.
  • You can avoid invasive tests like amniocentesis, which are uncomfortable for both mother and baby.
  • Allows you to take decisions based on the current legislation.

Who should have this test?

  • It will provides you peace of mind about your pregnancy about your pregnancy from week 10.
  • Superior accuracy (less than 0.1% false positives).
  • If you had previous pregnancies with the presence of trisomies.
  • If it is your first pregnancy and you are over 35 years old.
  • If you have fetal ultrasound abnormalities.
  • If you have a high hereditary risk of fetal aneuploidies.

What is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT)?

  • The Non-invasive Prenatal Test is a maternal blood test that detects the main chromosomal alterations of the baby, avoiding the possible risks of amniocentesis.
  • When you are pregnant, your blood contains fragments of your child's DNA. This test has greater accuracy and a lower rate of false positives; compared to traditional invasive tests.

What technology does it use?

  • Analyze specific chromosome fragments using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology.
  • It is a highly precise quantification technique with a sensitivity and specificity greater than 99%.
  • The test is validated for use in single and twin pregnancies and IVF (own egg or egg donation).

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How the test works

  1. elige tu test genético
    Purchase your service online with a discount to get a voucher.
  2. frotis bucal para análisis
    Go to an extraction centre with your voucher.
  3. instrucciones de uso
    One of our partner labs makes the analysis.
  4. instrucciones de uso
    You receive the results by email.

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