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Home Science and Ethics Committee

Our Science and Ethics committee

  • Alfonso Vidal MD

    Director of the Service Dolor of Hospital La Luz

    Current responsible for the Anesthesia and Resuscitation Unit and the Pain Service Unit of Hospital Quironsalud Sur of Alcorcon

    Associate proffesor of Anesthesia in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the Faculty of Medicine.

    Writer for Consalud

    Editor of “el Blog del Dolor” in Diagnostrum

  • Pilar Madero Barrajón MD

    Custom Genetics director and Genetics expert at CNUFADN.*

    CEO of Custom Genetics, an specialized centre in genetic counselling and precission, personalized healthcare analysis.

    Degree in Biological Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid. specialist in clinical analysis.

    Surgeon and MD, University of Zaragoza Medical School, where she taught Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology courses.

    Founder at CITOGEN S.L; promoter of Centro de Análisis Genéticos (CAGT)

    *National Comission for the Forensic Use of DNA, attached to the Spanish Ministry of Justice.
  • Dolores Saavedra Ontiveros MD

    Genetics and endocrinology specialized MD.

    Nutrigenetics expert in clinical treatments on Obesity and weight control.

    Former Chair of the Mexican Society of Human Genetics, Member of the Spanish Society of Human Genetics.

    Former undergraduate and postgraduate college professor at an array of Spanish and Mexican universities. Former researcher at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital’s (Madrid) endocrinology service.

  • Javier Sanz MD

    Director of the Institute of Predictive Medicine
    Pharmacogenomics specialist.

    Founder and current Director of the Predictive Medicine Institute (IMP) in Madrid.

    Current responsible for the Pharmacogenomics section at Pharmacogenomics and Medical Genetics unit of Ruber International Hospital.

    Current Head of the Predictive Medicine Unit at Quirónsalud Hospital in Pozuelo, Madrid.

    Degree in Medicine, specialized in Occupational Medicine and certified in Medica Genetics.

  • Carmen Espinós Armero MD

    Neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disease unit chief, CIPF

    Doctor in Biological Sciences.

    Chief Researcher of the Genetics and Genomics of Neurodegenerative and Neuromuscular diseases at CIPF (Príncipe Felipe Research Centre of Valencia).

    Scientific Director of the Translational Genetics and Genomics Group at CIPF.

  • asesoramiento

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