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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is included in the price of the service?

    The purchase of our services guarantees contact with the selected healthcare professional that will walk you through the processes of sample collection,analysis, final delivery, and guided explanation of the results.

  2. Do I need to be registered to purchase a service?

    Yes, it is necessary to sign up before making the purchase. Registration allows you to share the necessary information about you and your family background, which will then be used by your physician to construct the proper plan of action. Following the guided analysis from your healthcare provider, you will be able to track and download any information regarding your analysis results from within your personal area.

  3. Payment methods

    The purchase of any of the services can be made by debit or credit card.

  4. Return and cancellation policy

    In order to cancel or return any services rendered, it must be communicated to the service provider within 14. Any request post the 14 day period will not be accepted.

    The client is aware and expressly informed that the right to the withdrawal of services will be lost/forefitted in the following scenarios:

    • Following the issuance of a prescription by the healthcare professional.
    • When the requested service consists of carrying out an analysis that requires the collection or extraction of a blood sample, at the moment in which said collection or extraction is carried out in the corresponding clinic or extraction center.
    • When the requested service consists of carrying out an analysis that requires the delivery of a sample collection kit to the specialist. Once the kit is delivered for the collection of samples, whether opened or not, the service can no longer be returned or canceled.

    In all the indicated cases, the client will lose the right of withdrawal if any of the indicated circumstances are met without any reimbursement of the amounts that were paid.

  5. How long will my results take?

    The time to get the results will depend on the type of analysis chosen. All delivery timing are specified in each product chart, calculated from the arrival of the sample to the laboratory.

  6. How is the sample taken?

    Analysis that requires oral swab:

    You must indicate your address during the purchase process, so the collection kit will be sent to you. When you receive it, you only need to follow the instructions that you will find inside, proceed as indicated, close the kit again and request its collection.

    Analysis that require blood sampling:

    You must indicate your phone number during the purchase process, so we can contact you to schedule an appointment at the extraction center. Once the extraction is done, we will take care of getting the sample to the laboratory for analysis.

  7. Why is PROMETUM SPAIN S.L.U. in some browsers in the security zone?

    Because we have an EV certificate (Extended Validation). Currently, this certificate is the highest level of security that exists. This type of certificates shows the name of the company and not the URL as is the case in some browsers such as Safari (characteristic of this browser). To be able to view the URL, just click on the name of the company.

  8. What benefits do I get from knowing my genetic inheritance?

    Each human being is unique due to our genes and knowing these details about yourself provides the following benefits

    1. Allowing your doctor to know your health status and confirm or exclude a genetic disease.

    2. Providing precious information for the whole family, even for members who have not been screened.

    3. Allowing appropriate monitoring for each member of the family based on the results, while enabling early diagnosis and prevention measures if appropriate.

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