How does your genetics affect sport? 

How does your genetics affect sport?  – Athletes, nutritionists, trainers, experts and simply passionate about wellness and exercise have sought to attack all facets of body conditioning in sport.

We know that diet is fundamental, what our body eats determines much of our performance for everything. Variables such as hours spent training, supplements, and more abstract factors can also be added.

However, there is a less tangible component that determines much of your future as an athlete: genetics.
Braden Collum

Is an athlete born or made? How does your genetics affect sport?

We already mentioned before that there are environmental factors that influence your sports performance, however, genetics is something that you are born with, but it affects how you assimilate important areas in the following way:

Food: your genes make the way you assimilate nutrients unique.

Breathing: each human being has a different lung capacity when it comes to doing sports.

Cardio: one of the systems that can be seen most threatened by sports practice, it is already predisposed by your sports capacity

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Genetic Test for Sport


At medmesafe we ​​have a tool at your disposal, for those of you who are trying to practice and improve in a sporting discipline: the sports performance genetic test analyzes genetic markers involved in muscle development, endurance capacity and other factors that condition training. The markers are:

  • Muscle development
  • endurance capacity
  • hydration capacity
  • Folic acid levels
  • Liver detoxification capacity
  • predisposition to oxidative stress
  • response to inflammation
  • predisposition to injury
  • Maximum strength, power and speed
  • Predisposition to accumulate fat
  • Factors that affect the control of appetite and satiety
  • Fat burning capacity

With only a blood sample this test is performed and after 25 days of waiting, you will have the results.

Take control of your progress! The results you want are achievable.

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