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Myths and truths about female hormones

Myths and truths about female hormones – Today we want to talk to you about something that you have heard a lot but probably do not understand. Especially you girls, who are in greater contact with them for their health and menstrual and pregnancy processes: hormones.

They are considered the body’s chemical messengers, they are transported through the blood and are involved in different and crucial processes such as growth, food consumption and nutrient absorption, reproduction, sexual function and mood.

With the advancement of technology and the appearance of more and more sources of information, what we know and what we should know about its operation and influence in our day to day is distorted.

It is a lot to write about each one and eventually we will have more and more information about it, but for now we will list myths and truths about it.

Now you will have a good base of what to believe and what not about your own hormonal profile.

Female Hormones https://www.medmesafe.com/complete-female-hormonal-profile
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Myths and Truths about Female Hormones

1 – Consuming hormonal contraceptives increases the chances of having cancer: This is a partial truth. Long-term use of hormonal contraceptives has been shown to decrease the chance of developing endometrial, ovarian, and colorectal cancer. However, the risk of breast cancer is slightly increased.


2 – All women should receive hormone replacement therapy during menopause: False: Hormone replacement is prescribed only in specific cases, menopause is not a disease. Always consult your doctor about the seriousness of your case.


3 – Hormonal supplements cause weight gain. Another partial truth: in the past hormonal supplements had high levels of estrogen that did contribute to the generation of adipose tissue,

However, currently the drugs are refined and at most they can mean an increase of two (2) kilograms during a year.


4 – It is not possible to influence the hormones. False: being such an important part in so many processes, different technologies and studies have been developed to rejuvenate and stabilize the functioning of hormones, beyond supplements and contraceptives. You can know more about it here


5 – The study of hormones is not precise: False: It is often thought that due to the changing nature of hormonal behavior during the day, hormonal analyzes are not effective, however, the truth is that the time of action of each hormone can be timed and, therefore, be examined with total reliability.


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Female Hormones https://www.medmesafe.com/complete-female-hormonal-profile


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