Male fertility: We present the seminogram

Male fertility: We present the seminogram – Despite the fact that women are more in touch with their dream of being mothers, men also come (and several times) to the visualization of being fathers. Fertility is also part of health and, therefore, it must be checked and kept in good condition.

Today we want to tell you about an alternative that is the most efficient and logical when it comes to inspecting that everything is working in order. The seminogram, or spermiogram, began to be devised in the 1600s when Anton van Leeuwenhoek decided to put his own semen under a microscope and today it is a very useful and crucial male health tool for other processes.
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What is a seminogram and how does it work?


It is a non-invasive test that analyzes the sperm in a semen sample. In this way, it is possible to know their quality to estimate the probability that the patient will be successful or not when inseminating a female egg, either by the traditional method or in an assisted reproduction cycle.

Getting this test will require you to be sexually abstinent for 3 to 7 days before taking the sample, which you can collect by masturbating or from a sterile condom.

Half an hour after the extraction of the test must be supplied to the laboratory and it is recommended to keep the bottle at a temperature similar to that of the human body until then.

The seminogram checks the viscosity, mobility, color, quantity and quality of the sperm, giving a reliable and specific report on the chances of fertilization and the risk of any disease.


Why do a seminogram?


Despite having established that the importance of a study of your semen lies in the notion that it gives you about the possibility of being a father, there are other advantages to analyzing the semen that you produce.

Continuing in the aspect of conception, based on the information from the seminogram, a specialist can refer you to an assisted reproduction treatment that is the most suitable for you.

In addition to that, a seminogram reflects the volume of the semen and through that problems in ejaculation can be studied as a process. This data also serves to rule out genital obstructions, infections and congenital alterations in the vas deferens.


The medmesafe seminogram

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