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My Baldness: Should I have a hair implant?

My Baldness: Should I have a hair implant? – I think that, unconsciously or not, we all like to have options. I also made this reflection in another article, but I owe you in which one. In short, the human being wants to be able to decide and as we grow, we feel more deserving of controlling everything around us, especially ourselves.

This explains why I am frustrated that my hair is not growing, at least not with the volume that I would like. Currently, the most I can hope for is to have a moderately covered head of fine hair and blank spaces. That makes shaving my head the best option every time, but I want more to choose from.

It doesn’t surprise me that I’m not the only one in this: in fact, El País has an interesting report on how 22 men faced their baldness. Anxiety, depression and insecurity are issues related to losing hair. I also came across alarming numbers… and I’m not just referring to price

In La Vanguardia, I found that 1 in 4 men begins to suffer from baldness at 25 and that from the age of 50, half of the male population in the world is bald. Spain is, in fact, the second country with the highest rates of alopecia. In other words, at 26 and living in Madrid, I have to act soon if I want to win the battle against genetics.

I did this research for myself and for all the bald men and women in the world. Those who come from genetics and those who were thrown away by a medical procedure. At the end of the day, we love each other as we are and that’s where everything starts, but is it wrong to look at other possibilities? I have traced a route that I have already started to follow and I share it with you, just in case

baldness hair implant

In today’s article I tell you about

  • Alopecia: causes and habits to improve it
  • The Androgenetic Alopecia Test
  • Actions to Take against Baldness. Hair implant?


Alopecia: causes and habits to improve it


You have to know the enemy. Alopecia is a condition referring to hair loss, depending on the area and form of its appearance, it is classified as:


  • Fibrosing alopecia: It is the common type. It usually manifests itself with age and begins with the receding of the hairline.
  • Androgenic alopecia: They are also very common. They occur on the crown of the head
  • Diffuse alopecia: They usually occur with circles in random areas of the head or beard. There is usually itching or pain before hair loss.
  • Alopecia areata: It is usually temporary and caused by thinning hair which in turn is caused by emotional shock or moments of stress. Hair loss can occur when combing or gently stroking it. The loss is usually temporary

I think I have a bit of areata, androgenic and fibrosing, maybe? I recommend our entry on the causes of alopecia, to learn more. In my case I already have to act and not just ask myself. These are 3 changes with which hair loss can be delayed:


  1. Consume more herbs: but not those kinds of herbs. A study they did in Italy connected the intake of fresh herbs and raw vegetables, improves hair health. Basil, parsley and green salads three times a week will be allies in this battle.


  1. Using the right shampoo: how did I not think of it before? It turns out that many commercial shampoos alter the pH of the scalp. To take care of the little we have, it is advisable to use those that are of natural origin and the one indicated for our type of hair: mixed, dry…


  1. Massage the scalp: I’ll set the alarm on my mobile for this. With 3 or 5 minutes of massage, the follicles are activated and more and better hair density grows. It can be supplemented with natural oils. The only study I got to support this, they did it in Tokyo and they sure know.


The Androgenetic Alopecia Test


This is the stage of the plan in which I go. I took a test for androgenetic alopecia, through a saliva sample. The test analyzes different enzymes, metabolisms and vitamins in my body and with that I will obtain the cause of hair loss. To find out more about what the test analyzes, click here.

The results take 15 days and I’m waiting for mine. But I can leave you a special voucher so that you can access the test at a much lower price

baldness alopecia hair implant

Actions to take against baldness: Hair implant?


I have mapped out the steps I will take when I have my test result. Always knowing that there are things that are impossible to delay or change, especially when I am in my 50s, but I can use bioscience in my favor at least until my 30s, so can you!

Minoxidil: is a medicine, available without a prescription at the pharmacy, that slows down hair loss and stimulates it to grow. It is used, in general, twice a day and if its use is stopped, what has been achieved is lost. It is most effective before 40.

Finasteride: This drug was developed from testosterone, initially to treat prostate problems, but over time it has been adapted to help regrow hair and stop baldness. Consult with your pharmacist to determine how you should use it.

Hair Transplant: the most extreme and most expensive option in all aspects. There are different ways to proceed: extracting follicles with different injections, through a hair strip and much more. The good thing is that it is a solution that will give you permanent hair, the graft will not fall out but your hair, with which you were born, can continue to fall out.

The hair implant involves days of recovery and sick leave, anesthesia and others. Regardless of your situation, always seek expert advice on how your route should be and your chances of success for all!

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