Requirements for Traveling from Spain to Tunisia

Here are the full requirements for traveling from Spain to Tunisia, according to the Tunisia Government Website, which you can check out here:

  1. Have a valid and certified negative PCR test result taken within 48 hours before your arrival
  2. Apply and obtain a visitors visa, here: 

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Oske Mosque, Haythem Gathaa

5 Reasons to get to know Tunisia better

Despite what you may know or not know, Tunisia is actually a fast uprising country in North Africa, propelling in social, economic and cultural aspects. We put together 5 reasons you should be booking that flight from Spain to Tunisia.

  1. The Most Beautiful Beaches: Tunisia has the prettiest and most famous islands and beaches. Do not miss the chance of spots such as Hammamet, Sousse or Monastir
  2. Amazing ruins: We suggest you to check out Edjem, a village since it holds the ruins of the longest Roman amphitheater in Africa and is very well spaced to hold comfortably large amounts of people.
  3. You get to ride donkeys in the Sahara: that is something you can only say in Tunisia. Starting in Tozeur, locals will offer you all kinds of tours and experiences around the vast and marvelous desert.
  4. Visit the Star Wars settings: In Tunisia, several Star Wars movies were shot and those who are big fans will surely recognize the buildings from the movies in one of the many tours you will get offered while there.
  5. Food, of course: Tunisian cuisine mixes French, Arabic and Mediterranean influences for a delicious menu starring various ways to eat egg and slow-cooked meats.


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