Safe Christmas dinners with antigen self-test

Make your Christmas safe christmas dinners with antigen self-test, prevent the spread of the coronavirus, meet safely and calmly.g, starting tomorrow, December 15, a prevention plan against the spread of Sars-Cov-2 or coronavirus will be launched in the Community of Madrid, through self-tests of antigens. Pharmacies will distribute a free self-test to each person, just by presenting their health card.

As the newspaper El País explains to us, in its article “Madrid will distribute a free antigen test in pharmacies from Wednesday, “the main idea is that “This measure, which is carried out in collaboration with the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid (COFM), joins the call made by the Madrid Executive for companies to carry out antigen tests for lunches and dinners in the workplace for Christmas.”

Make your Christmas dinners safe with antigen self-testing

When should I have an antigen self test?

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products has available on its website a general information guide on diagnostic tests for Covid-19, where they explain that “Antigen tests are used to detect an active infection, since they identify the presence of proteins of the virus. (…) A positive result means that the virus is present and there is probably an ongoing infection. It should be done during the first 7 days after infection, when the viral load is at its highest.”

Make your Christmas dinners safe with antigen self-testing

Where can I buy my antigen self-test?

We understand that in the run-up to Christmas, you always have more than one social gathering. in kitandtest we have self-testing of antigens in different presentations:

All purchases can be made safely through the web, it contains visual material on how to perform the test and interpret its results. Deliver to all of Spain in 48 hours. In this way, several tests can be carried out at different times, and have security when meeting with family, friends, work and others.