Sex Education: Sex + Drugs = Chemsex

Sex Education: Sex + Drugs = Chemsex – Over the years, I have realized that sex education is not a talk or conversation you have with your parents or at school. It is not an institutional campaign that you ran into on some street or a flyer that they gave you and you took as a courtesy, to throw it away two blocks later.

Sex education is learning that does not end at any age or because you have found a stable partner. Congratulations for you but, it is like saying that we should not worry about our nutrition just because we are satisfied with our weight and appearance.

Sex is considered a physiological need, like eating, breathing and going to the bathroom. If you don’t believe me, who is just a writer, read the psychological thesis that supports what I say here. The point is that just as there are new ways of eating, practices that are not for you when eating, there are also when f#llar


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What is chemsex?

It is a sexual practice altered by drug use. When this type of relationship occurs in groups, usually of more than 3, the term chill is used, since it usually becomes a party in which the guests, implicitly, agree to interact and be part of this type of interaction. . It is a sexual area typical of gay culture, but has been adopted by people outside that community

Common chemsex drugs include mephedrone or mefe, which has euphoric and dilating effects like ecstasy, methamphetamine (or tina) and GHB, which is a nervous system depressant. The objective of integrating these substances into the sexual act is to seek to amplify the sensory stimuli and prolong the sessions so that they last several hours or even days.

What these drugs have in common is that they are illegal, cause addiction and severe long-term damage to the body.

Real risks during chemsex


  1. Your health suffers the consequences: as I said before, as they told you at your school, as your parents and the flyers you threw two blocks away told you: drugs hurt, some more than others, more or less quickly, but they are all small attacks that you are making to your systems and that reduce your life, health and time.
  2. Getting STDs: Chemsex and unprotected sex often go quite hand in hand. They are a direct exposure to sexually transmitted diseases that can be deadly and are inconvenient
  3. There are consequences with the law: depending on the amount that is discovered and the classification of the drugs you are consuming, the fine in Spain can be between 600 and 30,000 euros and six to nine years in prison. In places such as saunas and cruising clubs, it is normal for there to be raids and police inspections, as it is known that these substances are frequented.
  4. Your safety is at risk: going through this type of event is being part of a series of casual encounters. Hang out with people you don’t know and you don’t know how they behave sober or under the influence of something. Also keep in mind that when you are high you are more vulnerable and susceptible to everything.

Alternative Safe Practices

And I told you what it’s all about and how risky chemsex is and I know that even then you can read it and already know everything and still insist on getting high and having sex. Ok, we are not going to get moralistic, but at least keep in mind the following tips to reduce the risk as much as possible:

  • Do not stop using condoms: it is a method with which you can change the odds in your favor and save yourself from most sexually transmitted diseases
  • Keep hydrated
  • Make sure at least one person close to you knows where you are
  • Do not have with you anything of value that is not essential

Health and prevention resources

Emphasizing optimal sexual health, prevention and anticipation is key. It is always recommended to get STD checks every three months, especially if you have taken part in chemsex sessions, orgies and casual encounters. Next I wanted to let you know options with which you can do just that and at the lowest cost:


Drug Test: detects the presence of psychotropic substances in your body, only with a urine sample and after 1 business day. get it here

Monkeypox Test: Search your system for the existence of monkeypox, sexual health pandemic, or other types of smallpox. A sample is taken from a skin lesion that takes 3 days to study. get it here

Test for sexually transmitted diseases: Analyzes through a qualitative DNA detection procedure, the presence of any of the 8 sexually transmitted diseases, based on the multiplex PCR technique. Through a blood sample and 7 days to know the result. Get it here.


My favorite sources of sexual information

Be sure to take a look at the websites of Shangay, the Ministry of Health and

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