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A Life Without Mental Health: Viral Story of a Teen Writer

A life without mental health: know the viral story of a teenager who became a writer – In the new world we live in with each passing second, it has become more and more vital to talk about Mental Health. It is an extremely broad and evolving concept that makes its way in every step we take, because now we are aware, as a society, that a balanced diet or strong bones are as important as a healthy mind.

It is the state of mental health of each person, which includes the range of emotions, thoughts and alerts that the human being can feel and it is, of all the systems, the one that undergoes changes the fastest and fastest. If you start to analyze, while infections can occur in the stomach over time and with a series of stimuli, just one word, one piece of news, can change your mood drastically.

There are endless medicines and treatments for the stomach, but how much can be prescribed for the mind? We want to join the conversation and talk to you today about A Life Without Mental Health, a book that a Tik Toker managed to make an international conversation.


mental health
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What is a Life Without Mental Health?

This is the book written by Alba González, a 17-year-old Spanish girl, during her stay in a mental health center, where she was hospitalized for severe depression, anxiety and mania. There she wrote what would be a social media and shelf success, her book, based on her personal diary entries.

The movement that the work has caused, since its publication last year, has elevated the conversation about mental health within Spain. Alba used the popular platform, Tik Tok, to spread her work. She got 4 million views, on average, on videos in which she shared excerpts from the book with some musical accompaniment.

All this time later, both the author herself and health professionals have agreed that the book seeing the public light is beneficial in destigmatizing the subject and inviting young people, especially, to ask for help or at least get information. If the response has been this big and long lasting, it is clear that there is a need to talk.

That does not imply that it is not something that should be talked about carefully, not with shame, prejudice or fear, but with caution, because when you suffer from a mental illness, you are in a very susceptible and impressionable state. Even so, Alba managed to bring to the preferred platform of adolescents, like her, a way to save their lives.

Resources to improve your state of mind


mental health

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A life without mental health: The book that gives rise to today’s article is available on all literature sales platforms, digitally or physically.

Free psychological care: 900 124 365, is the number authorized by the Madrid Ministry of Health, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In it, psychological attention is received by collegiate professionals to help regulate emotional management.


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