Spain to UK Travel Guide: Step-by-Step (July 2021)

The mobility restrictions caused by the pandemic are gradually becoming more flexible, as we have commented previously, with the arrival of the Covid-19 passport and the current rate of vaccination; The European Union is committed to saving the summer of 2021.

The United Kingdom is one of the few countries that still require quarantine when entering its territory. If you want a detailed guide of what you need according to which country, you can read it in our post “Covid-19 digital certificate of the European Union, what is it? What is it for? How do you use it? We tell you everything about the new measure approved”

Here is an updated guide (July 2021), of the requirements that you must meet if you travel from Spain to the United Kingdom. The following restrictions apply to the entire Spanish territory except for the Balearic Islands, which are in the green list of countries, according to the information on the official website

Step 1. Obtain your negative certificate for the RT-PCR fit to fly test.

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The first step when traveling to the United Kingdom is to carry out a fit-to-fly RT-PCR test in the city of Spain where you are. Depending on this, the results times range from 6 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. The certificate must meet certain information to be considered valid:

  • Name and surname of the patient (as it appears on their identity document).
  • Identification number (passport).
  • Client’s date of birth.
  • Analysis number.
  • Data from the laboratory conducting the test.
  • Date of sample collection.
  • Date of delivery of the result.
  • Professional who has validated the sample.
  • QR code with a link to the laboratory database to verify the validity of the test.
  • Type of sample and methodology used to carry out the test.

Step 2. Buy the kits from days 2 and 8

As we mentioned, the United Kingdom is one of the few countries that still require a 10-day quarantine, achievable from the arrival of the person to the territory. This day will count as day 0, and the quarantine will end 10 days later at 11:59 pm. This, because it is the amount of time it takes for Covid-19 to manifest symptoms.

To declare to the Government that they are not infected with the virus, travelers must buy 2 home tests known as the “day 2 and day 8 test”; On the official website, they have a list of authorized providers for these tests. Individuals will need to fill out this form and once completed, such providers will be suggested.

The name of these kits is given because they are made on the second and eighth day after the person has arrived in the United Kingdom, in this way the Government ensures that she is not infected. In case of a positive, the person will be contacted to give the necessary guidelines.

Step 3. How to shorten the quarantine time?

If the person wants to cut their quarantine time, they will have to carry out an RT-PCR test voluntarily on day 5 of their arrival in the UK. If he tests negative, he will no longer be required to quarantine.

Step 4. Where should the quarantine be done?

The UK Government allows 3 assumptions for people to keep the proper quarantine time:

  • In your habitual residence.
  • With family or friends.
  • A hotel or temporary accommodation is paid for by the person.

In the case of the last two options, the person may not be in contact with other cohabitants or make use of common spaces such as bars or gyms. In this way, they prevent the spread of the virus.

Undoubtedly, Spain is one of the favorite tourist destinations for the English, who have shown their broad interest in spending the summer in the country. We hope this guide is helpful to you, and if not, you can always contact us for more information.

At medmesafe, we ​​place at your disposal a network of certified laboratories to carry out your PCR Test (throughout Spain)Home PCR TestRapid Antibody Test, and Rapid Antigen Test by contacting us through the following form

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