It is a feeling of nervousness or alertness, which the person experiences under stressful situations. Anxiety is a mechanism of our body to move us away from dangerous scenarios, however, if it is not controlled correctly, the person can be involved in cases of generalized anxiety, producing a deterioration in their quality of life.


Types of anxiety:

  • Generalized anxiety: People develop a high level of stress in the face of everyday life situations, such as debts, socializing, work responsibilities, etc. These excessive worries must be maintained for at least 6 months to be considered generalized anxiety.


  • Panic disorder: Produces panic attacks in the individual, who for no apparent reason, can suffer excessive sweating, increased alertness, very rapid heartbeat, rapid pulse, and other symptoms at any time of the day.


  • Phobias: They are irrational fears of the individual against certain situations or objects. The most common are: to spiders, to socialize, to heights, and many others. The person should seek professional help if these phobias are stopping him from having a normal life.


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