mutritionist or dietician

Nutritionist or dietician? Which one you should go to?

Nutritionist or dietician? Which one should you go to? – If you are thinking of taking charge of your health and nutrition, it is very likely that you will find yourself faced with the decision to choose between a dietitian or a nutritionist, which are two similar specialties but, at the end of the day, they respond to different profiles.

About the visit to the nutritionist, we have delved into our post “When to consult a nutritionist?” but today we want to clarify any possible doubts between what to expect from a visit to this specialist or to a dietician, so that you can choose the option that suits you best.

mutritionist or dietician

Differences between a dietitian and a nutritionist


Nutritionists work with the influence of food on the health of their patients. They advise them on each food group and how to make the most of the nutrients, according to the condition, deficit or disorder that they present.

Dietitians intervene directly in the eating process and not in the food itself. They have the preparation and tools to create, in detail, a treatment on specific eating habits for a goal and not for a disease. For example, losing weight, gaining weight or practicing a sport, are some of the objectives, for which going to a dietician is a good idea.

Nutritionists work with patients in any state of health, but dietitians do care for people in a stable situation who wish to make the best of it. Both professionals can work together when dealing with specific pathologies, human conditions, referring the nutritionist to the patient, who attends a dietician, for example.

Differences with a nutriologist 

Above both profiles is that of the nutritionist, who is a professional with a degree in Medicine who specializes in the area of ​​nutrition,

They have more knowledge and resources to order and assess medical examinations and analyses, identify and treat the hormonal aspect and prescribe medications.


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