Positive pregnancy test, now what do I do?

After several tries, something feels different. You have been looking to get pregnant and based on it, you have improved your habits and increased your chances because you read our article How to increase fertility? Simple and very useful habits. That instinct tells you: you have to run to the pharmacy for a home pregnancy test… or two!

You use them as they should, you wait for the right time and surprise! Both are positive: you are pregnant. Does your joy shoot up? Half of that is expectation? about what? It may not be a big deal, but it is. My point is that at times like these, feelings run wild and it’s hard to think of what to do.

That’s what we are for. Today we have built this article to take you step by step, inside the hint of the possibility that you are expecting a baby.

Positive pregnancy test

Positive pregnancy test, now what do I do?

The first thing is to sit, stop or whatever you need to bring yourself to a serene and calm state. The best thing is that you notify the father or the other mother of your baby, your parents, a friend or anyone you trust. It is recommended that you do not carry this alone.

  1. Make sure you have done the test in the right conditions: this type of test must be done at least one day after your menstrual cycle and 15 days after conception. We are sorry but only the hunch and instinct are not enough.
  2. Repeat the tests: if indeed, you were careful with the times to perform the first one and also do more than one, wait one to three days and do at least one more home test again.
  3. Consult your gynecologist: It doesn’t matter how much you’ve looked for it, how many times you’ve been told or read about it: you have to sit down with your doctor so that he can put you in real context about what you are about to experience. Being a mother is a series of changes in your life, especially in the prenatal stage.


Prenatal care

There are different care and issues to take into account so that your wait is really sweet. Here we leave you the ones that we can put closer to you and at the best price:

Trisomy 21 test

  • Detect abnormalities on chromosome 21
  • It does not represent risk, it is not invasive
  • You get results 6 to 9 business days after obtaining the sample

Positive pregnancy test

Harmony Prenatal Test

  • Detects abnormalities in chromosomes 13, 18 and 21
  • It does not represent any risk for the mother or the fetus
  • Results are obtained in 3 to 5 business days

Positive pregnancy test

Fetal Gender Determination Test

  • Determine the sex of the baby on the way to 8 weeks of pregnancy
  • It does not represent a danger to the mother or the fetus, it is not invasive
  • Results available 5 business days after obtaining the sample

Positive pregnancy test

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