Requirements to travel from Spain to the USA

The requirements to travel from Spain to the USA (United State of America) have been clarified this November 5, where the embassy and consulate of the United States of North America in Spain explained what is needed to enter the country as of November 8 from 2021.

Currently, all people with any permit (VISA) to enter the USA, can travel for tourism, business, or any other reason; without the need for a special permit. The current restrictions against Covid-19 depend on whether I am vaccinated against Covid-19 or not.

As if I travel to Canada, I cannot enter the USA without having a complete vaccination schedule, and at least 14 days after the last recommended dose. The vaccines accepted by the USA are those endorsed by the CDC: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen.

PCR required to travel to USA

Necessary requirements to my travel from Spain to the USA:

  • Entry permit to the USA: visa, national passport, residence, etc.
  • Vaccination certificate: it must contain the data of the person, as well as the dates of administration of the vaccines and all the information about them.
  • RT-PCR or antigen test: carried out a maximum of 3 days before the trip, they are counted in whole days and not by hours.

All children over 2 years old must present their Covid-19 test (RT-PCR or antigens) before their trip. Unvaccinated minors are exempt from presenting this certificate. Anyone over 18 years of age will have to present the vaccination certificate and the Covid-19 test with a negative result.

Can I travel to the USA without being vaccinated?

The only people authorized to enter the USA without a complete vaccination schedule are US citizens, permanent and legal residents. If I am not part of any of these groups, I must present a Covid-19 test maximum 1 day before my trip.

Spain and the only post-covid dose

The protocol applied in Spain, which says that if I have passed Covid-19 less than 90 days ago, I only receive a single dose, IS NOT ACCEPTED IN THE USA. If I travel to the United States from Spain, and they have only given me one dose of the vaccine, I must request the second dose of the vaccine at one of the authorized centers.

PCR required to travel to USA

Should I quarantine when I arrive in the USA?

No, if I present all the above requirements I am exempt from quarantine. Unvaccinated minors should only comply with quarantine if their caregiver is also required to do so.

At medmesafe, we ​​put at your disposal more than 120 laboratories throughout Spain, which can provide you with the RT-PCR or antigen test that you need to meet the requirements of your trip from Spain to the USA.

Source: https://es.usembassy.gov/es/actualizacion-de-los-requisitos-de-entrada-a-los-ee-uu-politica-sobre-vacunacion-para-vuelos-internacionales-con-destino-a-ee-uu/ 


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