What sport should you do according to your genetics?

What sport should you do according to your genetics? – Sport is part of many lifestyles. People who want to be professionals, who have it as a hobby or part of a routine to improve their health or lose weight. Selecting which one is right for you is a key moment to predict your success in it.

It is logical that you think about which one you like the most or the one you observe the most, maybe you go for the one that is cheaper or closer to home to practice. The truth is

Although they are all valid variables, you need to take into consideration one more: your genetics.

How you read it, your genetic structure influences your performance and expectations in the sport you choose to practice. By studying your load, you can find out how likely you are to suffer more or less acute soreness after strength exercises, the recovery you may have, muscle development, among other aspects.

Today we want to talk to you about how to know how to choose a sport, according to your genetics and at the best price on the market!

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What sport should you do according to your genetics? Factors to consider


The Sports Genetics Test delves into the following attributes to conclude the best option for you. Take a look at each one and how it influences.

Height: Especially in children, height and the predisposition to grow in a certain period of time, is an important fact to take into account. Long arms and legs can come in handy for basketball and marathon running.

V02: This value represents your rate of generating oxygen, which largely determines your chance of success in running, swimming, and aerobic activities.

Types of Muscle Fibers: For strength exercises, the type of muscle fiber you have will influence your recovery and generation. There are 3 types of muscle fiber, in order of regeneration speed they are: type I, type lla and llx



The Sports Genetics Test


From medmesafe you can acquire the tool that can contextualize you about everything that we are mentioning. With just a blood sample, which can be taken without fasting, in a period of 25 days you will have the results on 43 genetic markers from which you can create a special sports routine for you, in which you will be successful.


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