¿Cómo encontrar un buen dietista o nutricionista?

How to find a good dietitian or nutritionist?

 How to find a good dietitian or nutritionist? – The definition of “good professional” in the field of medicine not only depends on the qualifications that the doctor has, it also involves the ability to make his patients understand the diagnosis and the empathy with which he treats them. When we look for answers in a health professional, it is important that we “click” with said professional.

Nutritionists and dieticians have common skills, however, they are professionals who are responsible for different physical goals. As we explain in this article “Nutritionist or dietician? Which one should you go to?” If your goal is to eat healthier and consume more nutrients, you should go to a nutritionist, but if you have more specific goals such as gaining muscle mass or losing fat, then the dietician is for you.

 How to find a good dietitian or nutritionist?
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How to “match” with my nutritionist?

The nutritionist is a professional who will help you achieve an improvement in your eating habits. He/she will explain to you what foods you should consume on a daily basis, in addition to explaining the quantities in which you should consume them, and how to prepare them.

It is important that when you interview this person, you are completely honest about your eating habits. The nutritionist is not here to judge you, but to help you replace foods that are not so good for your health, with ones that provide more nutrients to your body.

It is also a good idea that if you have analytical tests done, take them to them, in the event that you suspect that you are intolerant to certain foods, you can do an analysis of food intolerances.

The most important thing about this consultation is that you feel listened to, understood, that the nutritionist has the patience and empathy to know your case in depth. Taking into account your tastes, your rhythm of life, the habits you have and other factors, he will be able to make a diet according to your day to day, and that is sustainable over time.

 How to find a good dietitian or nutritionist?
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How to “match” with my dietitian?

The main thing is that you have a clear objective, what do you want, lose fat? gain muscle mass? improve physical composition? Stand out more in the sport you are practicing? If you are going to a dietitian, it is because you want to improve some aspect of your life that you are already carrying out.

Did you know that there is a test that tells you which sport you are better at? You are right. The genetics of each human being is unique, which is why some people are better at certain sports than others. Getting the most out of your body is possible by doing a nutrigenetic test.

The results of this test can help you and your dietitian set achievable and realistic goals. In this way you can adapt a diet, and an exercise routine that will make you see results soon.

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